Genbrain: Best Brain Enhancement Supplements

For over years, we have been taught that our ears hear and the brain decodes what we hear. Scientists have been through with the mechanism and pledged it to be a mechanical process that involves nerves and synapses making it possible for the brain to decode the message and help us understand what the other person is trying to say. But, recent studies state that brain and hearing process is cognitive. Read GenBrain Review to get clarity about the supplements and also know how it works.

This comes with an exclamation from a scientist who claims that if the process had been mechanical; we would only be able to decode the message and not the essence of the context in which the message was delivered. There is no doubt that the transmission process is purely mechanical as the sound waves generated reach our ears and beat our eardrums which are conjugated with millions of nerves bundling together to form the auditory nerves. These transform into impulses that reach the brain which is then filtered. GenBrain is a powerful formula for the brain that improves short-term. GenBrain supplements is 100% natural and has no harmful side effects.Well, up to this stage, the process is mechanical and it is true. However, the sense of tone and remarks are processed in a brain through the cognitive process similar to machine learning.

The brain learns all the time

If you have been closely observing a toddler growing, you will see that the baby learns from its environment and the people surrounded with. While at the preliminary stage, the brain has no registered sound effects in the lobe. But as the brain starts registering the voices and the sounds, the brain gets embedded into identifying the voice and words. Sooner, the brain identifies the tone and registers the tone and words that are strung together. So, when you are saying "Hello" to a toddler in a sweet calming voice, the tone is registered with the brain first and then the word. The scientists claim that it stays throughout life due to which a person can identify in later stages of life and discriminate a similar word with different tones. This is why you can clearly understand if the message sender is genuinely saying something or being sarcastic.

Brain and hearing go hand in hand till death and therefore, people learn different words and tones at every stage of life. The brain is the master of the body but it also is a filter like we use in a video mixer or a sound mixer.


10 android health apps

Today, we introduce to you 10 android health apps that are designed to help you achieve that seemingly unattainable goal of consistent healthy habits and the shape you have always dreamt about. The great thing about these apps is that they are free and focus on motivating you to keep at your goals with their ease of accessibility as they can be easily downloaded on your phones. They will encourage you to have an active lifestyle and to make healthy food choices which will assist you in reaching those healthy and weight loss goals. There are many health apps around now some with similar functions in helping us live better, longer and happier but we have chosen these ten based on their prices (which are free), accessibility and ease of setup and download. The first six are mainly focused on exercises and diets while the last four are geared towards maintaining healthy lifestyles. Check out any of these 10 health apps listed below, they are free and worth giving a try.


This health app is focused on your weight and basically you can record your weight, set weight goals that you work towards as it tracks your effort or lack of it as shown by the numbers and motivates you to get to your preset goals.

Jog tracker 1.0.4

This is quite simple compared to the first two as it records the running distance and time data for runners, cyclists and those on the move. It measures the distance in miles and kilometres and with the use of Google maps can help plan your running route as it utilises GPS to track your position.

Menstrual Calendar

This is a hormonal and calendar app that records and monitors your ovulation cycle, period dates, and symptoms and predicts your fertile days. It is very helpful when going on holidays or planning an event, it is also a good aid when trying for a baby.

Buddy runner

As the name implies, it’s a very powerful running app that acts as your monitoring and encouraging personal fitness instructor as it keeps records of your activities from running distance, times attained, running routes to your workout paces. It uses this saved information to help you set future targets. Your data can also be easily shared on the social media platform (Face book and Twitter) so you can flaunt your achieved targets to your friends and family.

Sporty Pal

Just like the Buddy runner, it records your distance and time data and is a popular hit with runners and cyclists. However, it provides much more information than the buddy runner especially if you are into aerobics. It uses the GPS of your phone to track your activities and does not require internet connection for your GPS so you save on your mobile data while on the go. It has an online community you can join and discuss, it also has very positive ratings and online reviews making it the number one go to app.

Calories counter by Fat secret

This simply helps you to identify and count the calories in your food. It provides you with the nutritional information you need to make informed decisions on your food diet. It provides access to a food and nutrition database that provides the information you need and there is a great support from an online global community to encourage you in making good healthy food decisions.

Lightning Bug – Sleep clock

This works as a relaxant and sleep aid using soothing music from a library of around 200 sound loops and samples. It comes in handy for those really stressful and wound up days by helping you to relax with a range of music and sound visualizations. It is also useful for naps and overnight sleep and its associated digital alarm clock can provide ‘wake – up’ services with your preset options.

First aid

We end this with the last app which is certainly not the least as its services are very important in everyday life; it provides information on what to do in any emergency or urgent situation. It describes the first aid techniques and symptoms or signs in any situation and gives advice on daily first aid scenarios, it is quite interactive and provides simple step by step advice making it easy to learn and retain such knowledge for future use. This can help save lives as the information it provides can boost your confidence in handling any situation at any location because it is on your mobile phone. Now that we have introduced and described these apps to you, why don’t you go ahead and give some of them a go now before you forget about this information and push it down into the back of your mind. Remember these apps come free and are very accessible and would come in handy whether you are trying to shed a few pounds, maintain a target weight or start a consistent healthy lifestyle. Some of them have the added advantage of an online support community which serves as a great way to make new pals at different fitness levels, encourage each other along the way and a good confidence booster socially. So get going, no more excuses!

Cardio trainer

This can be used to record and track cardio data in addition to running information. It is a simple tool to set up and use and an provide audio feedback on your progress which motivates you to getting your goal. It can be very useful in monitoring and recording general body exercise aimed at marginal weight loss.


This is a fantastic free health app that provides information on every prescription drug and over-the-counter medicines. It is very helpful when you need adult and paediatric dosing information, side effects of drugs, adverse drug interactions, contraindications, mechanisms of action and any other drug information required when needed. It is also used as a reference tool for healthcare providers and students and could be described as your own personal pharmacist aid.